Award Winning

Hand-Crafted Beer

Resonate Brewery’s beer offerings include a range of popular styles from IPAs to stouts and lagers. Some of our favorites to focus on are: Hop-Forward Ales, Session Beers, German Ales, and Tart/Sour Beers.   


You can expect to find 15+ brewery fresh beers on tap at all times!   Having been honored with well over a dozen awards (including from the World Beer Cup and Great American Beer Festival), you can be sure to find a Resoante beer that will excite your palate! 

Grab Some To-Go

Beer sourced directly from the brewery has a freshness and quality that is above and beyond the typical packaged product available at the grocery store (even if it was produced from the same batch of beer).  Resonate offers brewery-fresh craft beer in refillable To-Go containers.


As a great way to save the environment and support the cause to drink great craft beer in its best condition, we highly encourage refilling those growlers!