Behind the scene

Our story

Resonate Brewery + Pizzeria was born from the vision of a passionate local homebrewer and has grown into a reality with the support of family and friends who all enjoy great craft beer and community. There is clearly a demand for great beer in the Pacific Northwest. However, as long-time Eastside residents, we were frustrated with the lack of quality craft beer and family-friendly options available in the area. We complained about the situation until we realized this was our calling, and then set out to help create a remedy.

The result: A place that offers exceptional craft beers paired with outstanding pizza and a focus on becoming an involved part of our surrounding community. The founder, Mike Ritzer, had been home brewing for over a decade while being an active member in the local craft beer scene. In 2008, he realized brewing was going to be more than a hobby and became determined to find his place within the industry. Mike went on to complete the Brewing Technology Program at the prestigious Siebel Institute in Chicago as well as the Beer Judge Certification Program. His beers have garnered well over 50 awards across numerous styles ranging from hop-forward IPAs to sessionable sour beers.

The award-winning quality has continued in our professional adventures with well over 20 awards garnered to date!

Beer & pizza have many traits and basic ingredients in common. Both are deeply rooted in proper fermentation and vast arrays of flavor profiles. Just like beer, pizza is taken very seriously at Resonate: the creation of our Alla-Romana style pizza was rigorous, involving much research, careful attention to detail, the most discerning of palates and the eating of many delicious test pies. The result is not your typical American style pizza. The process to achieve our unique take on pizza requires a 72-hour fermentation cycle for the dough with meticulous care throughout the process. This produces a crust that is flavorful and has remarkable texture – light, crisp, with just the right amount of chewy. We couldn’t be more excited to share our passion with the community!